Are there more STI’s than ever before?

Yes, there are more STI’s than ever before, and we are also beginning to learn more about STI. A couple of friends of mine have really been turned of having relationships as they are just too worried about STI’s, says Hennah from London escorts. I am not sure that is the way to go, but I do know that we have to be careful. When I am not at Charlotte London escorts, I am heavily into clubbing and you meet all sorts of character there. Some of them, I would not touch with a barge pole but others are okay.

The truth is that we should all be aware of STI’s and the havoc they can cause. When I am not working for London escorts, I write a little blog about STI’s and various other infections as well. There are new things coming through all of the time, and we now know that the dreaded Zika virus can be transmitted through personal contact as well. I always Tweet my colleagues at London escorts my recent articles so that they are aware what is going on. But, I have to admit that not everybody is on top of things like this.

Teenagers do like to play about, and we all know that. If you want to reach teens, you should try to use social media. For the last couple of years, I have been working with a group of Charlotte London escorts, and we are working hard to make teens aware of the hazards that are out there. To be honest, we don’t say that we are London escorts. Instead we use our other persona, and just write as concerned private persons. You be surprised how many teens sign up to the site, and receive regular info from us. It is great and I like to think that we are making a difference.

At the same time, it goes to prove that a lot of teens are not happy to talk to their parents about this sort of thing. When I was younger and did not work for Charlotte London escorts, I had the same problem. My mom was quite open about things, but my dad never talked about it. Most of my colleagues here at London escorts can relate to this, and the majority of them had a problem talking to their dads about personal problems and issues. It was always left up to our moms it seems.

Now, I am more open about these kind of issues myself, and I think it has helped a lot. We know that all of these horrible STI’s are out there, and there are probably more in the pipe line. Who thought that one mosquito could cause so much trouble, and spread a disease throughout the world. Then again, we have seen the AIDS epidemic and learned to combat that. I am sure that we will deal many other problems in our life times as well, and it is a matter of being prepared without stopping to enjoy your life.