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Over the last three months, I have been treated for a serious sex addiction. Like so many other men, I did not tell my sex therapist about all of my desires. For instance, I did not tell her that I am into dating London escorts. Why? I really get a kick out of dating London escorts, and to be honest, I am not sure that I want to give up dating escorts in London. I have already given up so much and giving up on dating London escorts could be the final straw for me. I think that I would simply miss the girls too much.

I Adore London Escorts

Yes, I know that I could probably make the effort to date what I like to call normal girls. But, I can’t really say that the average plan Jane turns me on as much as the girls I hook up with from London escorts. The thing is that London escorts are so much sexier than the average office girl that you will come across in London. They are not only arm candy. In my world, London escorts mean so much more than a pretty girl on my arm. If you are into dating London escorts, you probably know what I mean.

Do London Escorts Fuel My Addiction?

I don’t for one moment think that London escorts fuel my sex addiction. Instead I think that dating London escorts is good for me. I have always had a troubled history when it comes to girlfriends. If it was not for London escorts, I don’t think that I would have any girls in my life at all. Talking to women and spending time with them is something that I am not very good at all. As a matter of fact, I have always found talking to girls a bit of a struggle. That is something I don’t have to worry about when I date London escorts.

Advantages Of Dating London Escorts

The other main advantage of dating London escorts, is that you don’t have to show them any commitment. If you get bored with a girl, you simply don’t have to see her anymore. I rather like that. Before I got into dating London escorts, I used to have a lot of one night stands. I simply did not want to see the same girl all of the time. Thanks to London escorts, one night stands are now a thing of the past. All I do when I fancy a sexy date, is to call a London escort near me in London. Much easier than trying to chat up girls all of the time.

Yes, my sex therapist helped me with many aspects of my sex addiction. But when it all comes down to it, I really don’t think that I want to be cured of my London escorts addiction. It is an addiction that I really enjoy and I would like to continue to enjoy on my own terms. Do you have an addiction that you really enjoy? If you do, please comment on this blog and let me know what you think. I think it is perfectly okay for me to carry on enjoying the company of London escorts.