Educating kids about sex

Paddington escorts seem to think that there are very few online resources when it comes to educating kids about sex. Online eduction is an excellent tool for many parents to teach their children about sex and a healthy sex life, but like Paddington escorts say, sex education on line should be about safe sex.

Most Paddington escorts are keen to point out that many of us seem to be worrying less about safe sex. It wasn’t so long ago AIDS and HIV was never out of the headlines, but a lot of that has stopped now. Along with education about HIV came safe sex education, and Padding escorts strongly believe that this is what is missing.

Paddington escorts know that many other infections apart from HIV and AIDS are doing the rounds as well, and this is one of the reasons we should have more online resources available. The Paddington escorts that I spoke to have even considered putting together their own directory site for sex education tools for parents, and I think that is a good idea.

A Directory of Sex Education

There are many different sites that deal with sex education for children point out escorts in Paddington. However, many search engines are not so keen to least them as they contain the keyword sex. That means that they are not listed in search engine results, and it can be very difficult for the average parent to find them.

Paddington escorts say Even some of the main directories site out there such are quite poor at providing links to sex education for children. As a matter of fact, if you put in the word sex education, you are much more likely to get a lot of porn sites come out. Something has gone seriously wrong here.


Youtube would be an excellent tool for sex education videos for children but most of the content that people try to put up is not allowed, Paddington escorts understand that people would abuse this by putting up inappropriate content but feel that it is a great shame. It is a bit mean as the majority of genuine content referring to safe sex and sex education is of good quality, and can be used as sex education tools.

Paddington escorts think It would be interesting to see what happened if teachers got together and started to produce some genuine sex education videos. Would they be taken down as well? Many senior sex educators think that we are still too hung up about sex, and instead of keeping our youngsters safe, we are exposing them to more risks than ever. Google and other leading search engines are responsible for a lot of the policies on the Internet, and perhaps it is about time they re-examined their ideas about sex education.

Good quality sex education tools and videos should be available online. The Internet was suppose to make us more open minded but I sometimes wonder if it has lead us to close our minds instead.

It is a bit of a worrying trend, and I wonder how much censorship there is around that we are not actually aware of.

Sex education should be freely available to all of those who need it and not censored in any way.