How to Boost Your Libido with Food

What is the secret to a great libido? The answer to that question is simple. Not all of the gents that I date at London escorts complain about their libido, but some of them do. The gents that do complain about their libidos are the ones with terrible diet. I do meet up with a lot of businessmen at London escorts, and I have to say that they have terrible diets. As they stay in hotels a lot, they often end up eating cooked breakfasts and stuff like that. That does not do a lot for your arteries at all.

High blood pressure is a very common health problems for many of the gents that I meet at the most low priced London escorts. It is certainly linked to a poor libido and many other problems that more senior guys can develop. I know that it may be masculine to order a steak at that business dinner, but I keep telling me gents to eat fish instead. I have to laugh, but a lot of my dates at London escorts do turn up their noses when I say fish. But, the omega 3 oils in fish, can really boost your libido.

The London escorts gents who have a passion for that cooked and fried breakfast, should try to focus on eating fruit in the morning. A couple of years ago, hotels never used to be so good a serving up health breakfasts, but a lot of that has changed now. I stayed at a hotel for a London escorts business function, and I noticed that they had lots of health alternatives to offer their clients. For instance, you could order poached eggs with whole meal toast, or a fruit platter.

Both are very healthy indeed.

If you want to improve your libido, you should also focus on fresh food. Yes, I know that it is a hassle to go to the supermarket, but fresh food is full of B vitamins and that is what is so important. When I finish my shift at London escorts, I often go and buy myself some fresh food to enjoy. It can be something as simple as salmon and rice, but it really works for me. I do feel that eating fresh food gives me a lot more energy, and I love it. Perhaps a good saying would be that salmon makes you frisky.

Should you avoid alcohol? Well, I always stay away from the spirits when I am out on a London escorts date. Not only are they calorific but I think that they numb your senses as well. If you want to get in the mood for love, I think that a drink of red wine is much better. It has lots of healthy anti oxidants in it, and I know that many doctors recommend it. I love red wine, and do you know what? I think that a glass of red always manages to raise my libido, but any more than three glasses will send me to sleep in your arms.