I am a happily married man but I can’t stop visiting London escorts.

Ever since I was a little boy I have had a fetish with boobs, and I seem to have an inbuilt desire to date London escorts with big boobs.

I just can’t help stop myself thinking about boobs, and speaking to a woman without staring at her boobs is more or less impossible.

My wife has lovely soft boobs for me to snuggle up in but every time I am up in London, I feel the need to visit my favourite well-endowed escorts.

As a sex expert I know that this is not an uncommon problem. Most men do have boob fetishes and I count my own husband amongst them.

Escorts in London do not consider this to be a serious issue, and I must say that as a sex expert, I fully understand your dilemma.

There are many ways in which to deal with the problem many girls from agencies have well maintained figures with ample breast size pleasing to any customer. I can understand that staring at a lady’s boobs in public can be really embarrassing. More than likely, it will lead to a comment “ Hello, I am up here”. Whilst this comment really does highlight the problem, it may not be embarrassing for the lady in question. It is probably more embarrassing for you, dear Tom.

As a matter of fact, most ladies would consider having their boobs stared at as a compliment. We ladies do like to think that we can be proud of our busts.

Visiting London escorts when you are a married man can cause a problem if you wife is not aware of you doing so. You should be very careful if your wife is not aware of your secret pleasures. You really need to ask yourself why you need to visit escorts in London. You mention that you like to snuggle in your wife bosom. It leads me to think that you many not necessarily see your wife as a sex object.

On a subconscious level you may relate to escorts as sex objects, but your wife may represent a more maternal figure. This is the problem we need to deal with.

I suggest that on your next visit to London, you call into one of the more exclusive lingerie stores and buy your wife so some sexy lingerie.

If you have no previous experience of buying lingerie, I suggest you get some advice from the escorts that you visit. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Believe me, there is nothing like a few items of sexy lingerie to make a girl feel special.


A couple of months after my first letter from Tom, I heard back from him. He is now spending less time visiting London escorts, and he loves to buy his wife lingerie.