London Escorts On Welfare

I am not sure how I feel about single mums using welfare payments on Botox treatment and boob jobs. Some of the girls here at London escorts are single mums and they really struggle. It is expensive to bring up a child in London today, and most girls that I know don’t spend any money on Botox treatments and boob jobs. It seems a bit strange that the single mums on welfare can afford to do that. I am not sure that I would even have the cheek to do it.

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Botox treatments are not cheap at all, and you need to go back very six months to keep them up. Depending how extensive your Botox treatments are, it can cost several thousands pounds per year. I am sure that we all deserve a little bit of a treat, but is this really what welfare payments should be spent on. I know that part of the money that I earn at London escorts are spent on welfare, and I hate to think that my money is wasted on Botox. It is meant to cover daily living expenses.

Boob jobs are not cheap neither, and I cannot understand how these singles mums prioritize boob jobs over their kids welfare. I think that if I was a single mum on welfare, I would make sure that I had everything that we both needed at first. If there was any money left over, I think that I would save them for a rainy day. That is what I do with my money here at London escorts. If I have any money left over, I do try to save it.

I keep on wondering about all of these people on welfare. It would be kind of interesting to shadow a person for a day to find out where they spend their money. I know that in other countries, it is much more common for people to only be allowed to spend welfare payments in a supermarket or something like that. Even in the US, you can get food stamps. Is it about time we changed the system? Most of the girls here at London escorts were really annoyed when they read the articles. The girls work really hard, and to see money wasted is awful.

Enhancement surgery is risky anyway, so unless you really need it, I don’t think that you should have it done. One of my friends here at London escorts ended up with a leaky boob after having had enhancement surgery. It took her a long time to get it sorted out. In the end, she had to have a replacement of the implant which turned out to be faulty. To think that girls are wasting money on implants when they could be feeding their kids or clothing them, is not what you want to do be doing when you are tax payer. It really annoys me and I wish that there was something that I could do to stop it.

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