Marriage is so over rated yet another singleton…

I have been married twice, and I am starting to believe that marriage is extremely over rated. To most people from London escorts. Marriage does not mean anything at all. They get married and after a couple of years they get separated. I keep on wondering if we are actually meant to be with the same partner all the time. In such a way, I quite feel that marriage is something the church created to make money, and now it has just being a large money spinning circus. There is little wonder that a lot of people are starting to remain single, and do not even live with someone. They call themselves singletons and I think that I am about to join their ranks. Will I get married once again? Honestly, I don’t think that I will bother, it just isn’t really worth the turmoil it causes in your life. Living on your own might be the much better choice.

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What ever happened to marriage?

Marriage always used to be a natural development in life, but now it seems that less people are considering going down this path. There are some people who say that same sex marriages relationships finally tipped the scale in the other direction, and marriages relationships are not meaningless. Maybe that is not so at all, and they are simply using this as an excuse. After all, our lifestyles have changed a lot, and there is no need to be married at all. Most of countries don’t even offer married couples any tax benefits.

If, we are all concerned to like singles by the tax authority, does that really mean that the legal term married still exists? Ask London escorts. It appears that even governments around the world are not prepared to think of couples as one unit longer, so what is the advantage of getting married at all. If, getting married does not have any financial benefits, why should we spend all that time and money in preparing a wedding event? Is it about the wedding event instead of life long companionship? There are many of points we need to consider about before we go ahead on and decide to get married.

Some researchers even think that we are not genetically configured to be with the same partner all the time. If this is true, that means that we really don’t have a chance at all when it comes to marriage. Getting married later on in life might be an option and couples who do this appear to stay together. So many things come in can be found in the way of marriage these days. We want to stay on in education for a longer time, and high property make it more or less difficult for young couples to buy a first home together.

So, what did happen to marriage? Marriage is still quite alive and kicking, however our idea of marriage appear to have changed. Marriage may not imply permanently anymore, and new ideas such as civil partnerships, have definitely changed our approach to marriage. Was this what marriage was meant to be about? For many young people the world is a complicated place to grow up in. If, that is so, it means that the world is even a more complicated place to get married in and stay with a partner. Marriage used to be a basic part of society, now it seems more it is something to do when you want to have an a costly celebration.