Who Should Teach Our Children About Sex?

With so many different cultures calling London their home, it is often tough for schools to know how to approach the more sensitive topics such as sex education. Working for London escorts is a real eye-opener as far as sex is concerned. London escorts now come from so many different countries and I have learned that all of the girls that I work with have a slightly different approach to many things in life.

I think that learning about safe sex in school is really important, and I am sure that most of my London escorts colleagues think along the same lines. However, do we need to teach very young children about LGBT communities? I am sure that this is something that you can learn about when you get older, but along with my friends at London escorts, I don’t think it is the sort of thing that we should be teaching 5-year olds. It seems so unnecessary.

To be honest, I think that there are more important topics that young children need to learn about. For instance, we are going through a climate crisis, and I think that many of us could do a lot better when it comes to dealing with recycling and stuff like that. It is only because we have not been educated to do so from a young age that we do not take a very responsible approach. Personally, I have lost count of how much stuff I throw away when I leave London escorts every day.

More than anything I think that we should consider how we culturally approach the topic of sex education. Working with London escorts from all different backgrounds, I have learned that some of them are more protective of their children than others. For instance, Indian London escorts do not want their kids to learn about sex until they are older. But, on the other hand, Swedish London escorts don’t seem to mind at all. The question is, where do you draw the line.

Like me i presume that London escorts have a very relaxed attitude towards sex, but I am aware that we need to have standards. Who should set those standards? Personally, I think that we should learn how to set those standards together with the schools and teachers. At the moment it feels like many teachers and schools are trying to impose their will on both parents and kids. It is not really working and I think that we should try to do something about it, and learn how to work together just like we do at London escorts. It is not going to be easy, but there is a way through all of this without causing upset and hurt. Sure, there are different families out there, but then again, everything seems to be different today as it is all changing so fast. And that includes our attitude towards sex and many other things.

Should sex education be compulsory or be left optional for children. There are argument to both sides.