Christmas spirit is on its way around

What puts you in the Christmas spirit? We all have different things that get our Christmas groove going like I like to say. Leading up to Christmas, all of the supermarkets and leading stores start to run adverts, and they sort of seem to compete for the best adverts. I love Christmas TV adverts and I take some time to watch the TV adverts when I finish my shift a bit earlier at Pimlico escorts of


Going around the shops also puts me in the Christmas spirits. I never make up any Christmas gift lists before I have been around the shops. I think that I am pretty good at coming up with ideas for Christmas, but I also realise that most of the shops in London are very much better at it than I am. That does not mean that I buy what they have got on their shelves. Most of the time, I only use them for ideas.


Going out for Christmas dinner with the girls at Pimlico escorts helps is another thing that really gets me going. Most people probably go out for Christmas dinner with their work colleagues. It took me some time to figure out why British people like things like Christmas crackers and silly hats, and it was not until one of my dates at Pimlico escorts explained it to me, I finally figured it out. I like it now, and it is kind of funny to me. I think that most British people take Christmas less seriously than we do on the continent.


I also like go for walks around Christmas time. One of the gentlemen I have been dating for a long time at Pimlico escorts, likes to take me away just before Christmas. We go out of London for a weekend break, and that is really nice. Most years we go down to the New Forest. It is one of the prettiest places that I have ever seen, and I just like to go for walks around some of the villages in the forest. Then you have the forest itself and that is just complete magic around that time of the year.


More than anything I get into the Christmas spirit when I turn up at the airport. Traveling back home to Denmark just before Christmas is so nice. The airport is always busy, but most of the people are in a good mood. It does not always snow in Denmark around Christmas time, but when it does. Denmark looks really pretty and I love it. Coming home to Denmark reminds me of being a little girl again. It is so nice to see all of the Christmas trees. More than anything is nice to see all of the windows which are lit up with lights of different kinds. We always celebrate with lots of lights and candles at Christmas, and I think that is what ultimately puts me in the proper Christmas spirit.