I have always been kind of small chested.


It is one of those things and even my mum has resorted to enhancement surgery to improve the look of her breast and her bust size. At first, I thought that I would go down the same route as my mum, but then I started to work for London escorts. It turns out that a lot of gents who like to date Cheap London escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/cheap-london-escorts are not so keen on enhanced girls, so I am glad that I did not go for it.

Instead I decided to opt for the natural option. It takes a little bit longer but you can indeed enhance your bust by exercising and making sure that you eat the right food. Lots of girls at London escorts worry so much about their diet that they actually lose any natural fullness that they may have. I was not about to fall into that trap so I checked out what you should be eating. For instance red organic meat may help to increase your bust size, and it is not full of fat as many London escort think.

Of course, red meat is not the only thing that will help. I soon found that doing the right exercises helped as well. Most of the girls at London escorts are mad about going to the gym, but they all focus on getting rid of calories. Instead of doing that, I told my trainer that I wanted to sculpt my body and he helped me to get my bust lifted using weights. It made a lot of difference and many of my London escorts have now copied what I did. If you don’t work out your chest muscles and tendons, you will naturally end up with a less perkier bust.

Supplements can help when you are trying to improve your bust. I thought that soya supplements would the thing but it turned out that I was wrong. Fortunately my London escorts career was going okay, so I spent some time visiting a naturopath in London. She told me that collagen can help you to improve the skin tone. I tried it, and a couple of the other girls at London escorts tried it as well. It made a huge difference and now many of the girls who work for our London escorts take collagen supplements.

You also need to moisturize your bust. If the skin on your bust becomes dried out and you get wrinkles, your bust will begin to drop. That does nothing for bust size at all, and may even make your cleavage look wrinkly. I love using Elemis skin care products. Yes, they do cost a lot of money, but I do make enough money at London escorts to treat myself to the very best. So ladies, stop complaining, save some money on that enhancement and do it all naturally instead. It looks so much better and you don’t have to worry about your implants leaking at all. Just a few words of advice from the girls at the best London escorts services.