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I love going on cruises when I have some time off from Kingston escorts, and I have to admit that I have kind of become about fanatical about going on cruises. There are some really good cruise companies out there and we always have really good time when we go on a cruise. It is a lot cheaper than people think it is and I am sure that you would enjoy it. One of the things that I really like about going on cruises is dressing up.


glamorous lady in kingston escorts


Like most of the girls here at Kingston escorts, I do have a bit of a passion for dressing up and having fund. I love to look glamorous and going on a cruise gives you the perfect opportunity to dress. You don’t need to aim to look like a sexy goddess when you go on a cruise, but I do like to dress up and look really good. To be honest, I love gala night so that I get a chance to put on my pretty dress and party all night with the captain. That is what I really like about cruising.


Day wear is important on a cruise as well. Most of the girls here at Kingston escort laugh when I tell them that I have daywear for cruises. If you are going on a lot of excursions, it is really important to be be comfortable. Things like a leisure suit works really well, and I buy a lot of my stuff online. The criteria is that it needs to be light and easy to pack. If you buy a lot of stuff which needs ironing, you are going to end up spending a fortune on ironing services once you are on board.


Shoes are important as well. At Kingston escorts I wear a lot of stilettos. That is fine at the escort agency, but I have to admit that stilettos do not work that well on a cruise ship, and I try to aim for things like court shoes or sandals instead. Ofcourse that is not good during the day, so I spend most of my day in sneakers and perhaps flats if I am walking around the ship. It is the best way to cruise, and I love it because the day time atmosphere on board a cruise ship is more relaxed.


Do I flirt when I am on a cruise away from Kingston escorts? I must admit that I flirt a lot when I am away from the agency. At first, I thought it was going to be kind of boring. But, you will be pleasantly surprised how many nice single guy that you can meet on cruises. I have met some really hot guys on the cruises that I have been on and I have enjoyed their company. Okay, I am may not have seen them again once I got off the cruiseship but that does not really matter. I have been forced to pay for one single cocktail on a cruiseship and I think that says it all.

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