Surbiton Hot Brunettes

How do I describe my life? Boring, I think would be a very good description of my life before I met Surbiton escorts. I work as a short haul pilot for one of the leading airlines, and I always seem to be up in the air. Flying used to get me really excited but now, the only thing that gets me excited is Surbiton escorts.


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Surbiton escorts do not only make me adjust my flaps, they make me adjust my entire world once that I am back on the ground. Fortunately for me, I get quite a bit of down time and I just love to spend my down town with my favorite Surbiton escorts, Stephanie and Velvet. How do I describe my two favorite Surbiton escorts? They are both a bit different, so the best way to describe them is like leather and lace – hot and spicy as the same time with a bit of Champers thrown in.


Stephanie always seem to have time to fit me into to her schedule. She is a dazzling x rated brunette who is a complete fitness fanatic. Stephanie only works enough hours to make sure that she can keep her well appointed apartment ans stilettos one her feet. The rest is dedicated to look after her stunning 34C-24-35 body.

She is probably one of the most stunning and sexiest women I have ever met, and she can make any other woman green with envy. She loves to dress up for hot dinner dates, and it is only when we get back to my place that I get dessert. Stephanie has got creamy skin which is a true pleasure to touch, and I love the way she lets her brown locks fall over my back.

Her hobby is the art of seduction, and she practices this to extreme perfection in the privacy of her boudoir. She has some secrets to tell but will only share them with you once the door is firmly closed.


How to describe Velvet?? The best way to describe her is probably as perky as this is what her entire being is about. If you feel down after a long day, she will immediately perk you up in ways you would not even be able to dream or fantasy about. She seems to have an unquenchable thirst and desire to please. Making you happy and satisfied is what this young 21 year old girls life is all about.

She is a very dark brown brunette with a bit of a sexy Russian accent. When she speaks it sound more like a kitten’s purr but don’t let yourself get fooled by that – she can roar like a wild beast when you rub her up the right way.

Luton escorts can certainly make your weekend, or down time, go off with a big bang. If you are a gent who enjoys dating hot brunettes, you should not look any further than Luton. The hottest brunettes are here, waiting for your call and are ready to fulfill your wildest dreams and passions.

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