The king of the world

As part of a Newbury escorts agency like, my clients sometimes ask me how come it seems so easy for porn stars to have sex like they are the king of the world, and for them, everything seems miserable it always comes down to the most widely and truthful answer. From reading a lot about the subject, I know that Porn is not for you to watch and learn. Porn is not a school that you get to go to and have lunch with friends. You see, the Porn that you and your friends watch is for entertainment purposes only, and in the industry, the professionals often use special tricks and tactics that can be unsafe if done at home.


I’m only a Newbury escort, not a relationship advisor, but I tell my customers; if you want to have sex with your partner like a porn star, though, that is a different story and not so hard. You want to take him or her to a comfortable place and switch from promotion to passion. The porn industry is the promotion, and you and your partner are passionate. Get that in your head, and you are on to a good start. Sometimes people get worried and think too hard about trying to please the other person they are with and discuss it with us Newbury escorts rather than them. That means you are not saving any of the fun for you. You want to touch and make love to your partner like he or she is your fuck doll. Make sure you please yourself, and that will get your juices going and then create a chemical reaction between both of you.


Newbury escorts advice to make sure that you enjoy the best feeling possible throw on some water-based lube. Water-based lube is safe and works like magic, ensuring that you and your partner receive that extra slip and slide feeling that so many millions of people crave. Adding water-based lube will give you that porn star feeling if you are still worried that you will not perform well in the bedroom.

For all men, if your penis is hard enough, then that will be enough to satisfy most women because the one thing you don’t want is a soft limp penis. For all women, the number one thing I get told is that men want you to be extremely, and I mean very extremely passionate in bed. That doesn’t mean yelling and screaming off the top of your lungs, but another way to put it is to think about your favorite hobbies and how much you enjoy participating in those hobbies. You put those ideas both together for men and women, and I’m pretty sure you can then call yourselves porn stars right on the spot. It is time you stop giving porn stars so much credit because all it is our people that have mastered the mental and emotional side of sex. It may take some time to get used to, but the reward, in the end, is worth it.